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Which Bike is Right for You?

Select which bike is for you by sececting Style of Bike and What You Want in a Bike - Then our guide will tell you What Bike you should buy

Style of BikeWhat You Want in a BikeWhat Bike Should I Buy?

Power, maximum speed and adrenaline rush. Comfort for you and your passenger is not important. Distances per day usually under 200km on tar and no dirt roads please! Racing appearance with full fairings . Physically compact. Space for luggage is not important. Close ratio 6 speed gear box for maximum acceleration. Highly manoeuvrable, almost unstable.

A Sportbike.

Between 650cc and 1000cc. Purely designed for speed with a riding position, frame, adjustable suspension and fairings designed to minimise air resistance and weight. These bikes need to be ridden aggressively. The Honda Super Hawk is an example of a sport bike
Comfort for you and your passenger is a big factor. Want to travel greater distances. Physically big. Want to travel short distances on dirt road. Want room for luggage. Bigger, wrap around fairings to maximize comfort on long trips.
A Tourer.

Around 1000cc with a more up-right driving position. Decide how much performance you want against the distances you want to travel. Lean toward 'Sport Tourer' or 'Tourer' accordingly. The Honda ST1100 is an example of a sport tourer.

When performance comes second to style. When individuality comes second to efficiency and practicality. When the grunty sound of the pipes, customisation, style and attitude are everything. Physically big and heavy. Some cruisers make excellent tourers as well while others do not. See dedicated Cruiser page for more.

A Cruiser.

Between 650 and 1400cc with a relaxed laid back position. Decide on how much noise you are comfortable with. Take care that the weight is not too excessive. Budget for accessories and individualisation that may exceed the value of the bike. The Honda motorcycle Valkyrie is an example.

That special style and attitude that comes from riding a one-of-a-kind, customised and accessorized motorcycle. Seldom need to carry a passenger.
A Custom Cruiser.

Either cannibalise an available model or build you own with off-the-shelf components. Ensure that the tail end is not too hard for the distances you want to travel. Most of these cruisers have big bore V twin engines which are low revving with a lot of torque.

General purpose bike with a traditional appearance. Good value for money while still offering power and speed. Easy DIY maintenance. Want tried and tested technology rather than the hi-tech stuff. Want the option of travelling distances on sand roads or touring (if fitted with an aftermarket fairing)

Standard Motorbike.

no fairings (naked). Between 750cc and 1200cc These bikes with a traditional look have one of two orientations i.e. Speed, Touring.

Country and city bike. The trip is more important than the speed. Want to explore on both tar and all tyres of sand roads and well defined paths. Comfort is a factor, also room for luggage, camping gear etc. Big trail bikes are more like tourers while the smaller ones are more capable off road.

Trail bike.

Also called a dual sport or Enduro motorbike. Has a more up-right driving position. Choose your tyres to match either "mainly tar" or "mainly sand roads". Trail bikes come in two sizes i.e. Big, Small.

Power and adrenaline off road, comfort is not a factor. Want to explore in rough, untamed conditions or participate in Motocross competitions (track). A bike that can be dropped without pieces breaking off.

(MX) bike. Around 300cc and less. The only type of bike nowadays that may still use a two stroke engine to save on weight. Probably not street legal (flickers, stop lights, headlamp etc)

Economical commuter with a payload and power to spare. Want the option of travelling distances on sand roads.

Standard Street Bike.

You will need to invest in some panniers, topbox or a back pack for your stuff. Around 400cc offers a good mix of economy and power.

Stylish and economical commuter with convenient built-in storage. Easy to ride and light weight. Protection from the elements. A bike for town use only.

The new generation of scooters between 250 and 650cc make excellent commuters. They are quick, trendy, light on petrol and have ample storage space under the saddle. Automatic gearboxes and a low centre of gravity make them easy to ride.