Tips on All aspects of Biking

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Towing Bikes

When I first started moving our motorbike around on a trailer I thought nothing of it. Many trips later I have learnt that there are some pitfalls that can lead to disaster for the unsuspecting.

Windsheild & Earplugs

After a long, high-speed motorcycle trip with the wind blasting the hell out of you, you can arrive at your destination exhausted and irritable

Riding in Wet Weather

For many riding their motorbike in the wet for even a short distance is intimidating. It is in fact merely a decision

Riding or Driving your Bike

Riding your motorcycle is a reactive actively. This means you do not sit passively on the saddle like a sack of potatoes! One ’drives’ a car but ’rides’ a motorbike. This deliberate change of verb is no accident.

Passing Cars

Passing a car is when a motorcyclist puts himself at risk. The reasons are simple

DIY Maintainance

In my experience maintenance is entirely my responsibility while repair I can leave to my friendly mechanic