Motorbike Safety and Handling

Having control of a motorcycle is a dangerous thing if you are a novice rider. In this section we explain some of the fundarmentals of contol and safety.

First we start the pre-ride check which all riders should take into consideration. We move into the safe ways to stop, break, and riding in groups. This is always a task that needs concentration as there are usually several riders close together.

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The royal society for the prevention of accidents Motorcycling Safety Policy Paper
Motorcycling is an important and popular mode of transport, which has some environmental advantages over other forms of motorised transport, as well as other advantages such as flexible journeys and sometimes more efficient use of road and parking space. Unfortunately, it is also associated with a significant accident and casualty risk.

Its purpose is to:
a) outline the current situation regarding motorcycling and its associated casualty risk
b) identify existing problems and potential safety interventions
develop RoSPA’s policy positions in relation to motorcycling.