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History Of Motorbikes

BSA Gold Star

Birmingham Small Arms was England's largest and for a time, the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer. The company began in 1854 as a joint venture of a number of small Birmingham, England area gunsmiths to supply armaments to the British forces during the Crimean War. The progression to build bicycles came in the 1880's as a result of a decreased demand for firearms........

Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are the sit-astride four wheel bikes with handlebars. The farming community tends to call them ATVs, while the forestry calls them ATCs (All Terrain Cycles). Leisure users tend to use the term Quad Bike. We use the term interchangeably!


Bike Security

In the past five years some 115,000 motorcycles worth about 70 million have been stolen and not recovered. Yet of the 900,000 motorcycles in the UK, less than half are fitted with security devices.

Six steps to safe cornering . . .
Back off the power and brake to an appropriate speed. Go wide. This gives you the ability to see around the corner

Position when riding
Grip the motorcycle! Do this with your knees and inner thighs. Push down firmly on the footpegs with the ball of your feet. Force the bike to stay directly beneath you.
Your Bike and Clothing








Pre MOT Tips

Motorcycle MOT Tips:

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Prevent Un-necessary failures

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Motorcycle FAQ'S
Q. Do I need to wear a helmet in a side car?
Here at we have put together with the help of some great contributors a website for both the motorcycle enthusiast and novice There is information on Classic Motorcycles, Superbikes, Quad Bikes, Trikes and Off Road Bikes, We have a copy of the Police Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy targets whose key factor in achieving these targets is the safety of motorcyclists. Motorcycling safety is a major concern with the ever increasing traffic and more powerful bikes and some inadequate car drivers. We have tips which novices should find useful on the many areas of safety, general articles on how to safely secure your equipment, clothing to wear ,how to ride safely in groups and what motorcycle may suit you, are some of the interesting features, it is easy to find your local MOT station with Together with a link to the motorcycle MOT Manual is an article on checking your bike before the test which could save you money